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Protecting. Preserving. Prospering.

noun, adjective
  1. Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian
  2. The Muslim, Middle Eastern, Sikh, South Asian coalition serves to unite, advocate on behalf of, and mobilize U.C. Berkeley organizations that explicitly indicate their intent on serving and/or representing one or more of the following identities: Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, or South Asian

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Current ASUC Senator Mehnaz Grewal, 21-22

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Check out our goal tracking document to see what we're working on

and what we have planned before the Senate year ends.

This Week's Community Spotlight:

I’ve tried all kinds of Pakistani dishes because of my mom and her love for Pakistani food and Shalwar Kameez at daawats and potlucks became a tradition because of her as well. I am truly grateful for that experience and for being able to relate to my community. But with all that said, I will confirm that the U.S will always be my home. I was born here. I was raised here. I made friends and went to school here. When I go to Pakistan, yeah I have fun, I enjoy the company of my family and enjoy the bustling life that the country has to provide but at the same time, I don’t fit in. Maybe that’s because of my lack of cultural education in the country or my status as a foreign citizen.

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