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What is MEMSSA?

MEMSSA stands for Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, and South Asian, which is a student coalition solely managed by the office of the MEMSSA endorsed ASUC Senator. In other words, MEMSSA is an alliance between the said communities on Berkeley’s campus that is represented by the MEMSSA representing senator in the ASUC who bounds together with the many clubs and organizations that fall under the MEMSSA groups.

You can check out a timeline of previously elected MEMSSA senators here!

The MEMSSA Mission

The MEMSSA coalition shall serve to unite, advocate on behalf of, and mobilize U.C. Berkeley organizations that explicitly indicate their intent on serving and/or representing one or more of the following identities: Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, or South Asian.
Who currently represents MEMSSA
on campus?

Deena Ali is the currently elected MEMSSA Senator for the 2022-2023 school year. The MEMSSA coalition is to be solely managed by the office of the MEMSSA endorsed ASUC Senator, and through their office, the coalition seeks to improve accessibility to and implement specialized resources and programming specific to the MEMSSA community, by fostering a relationship with community stakeholders and administration.

Get to Know Deena!


3rd year

Political Science and Public Policy

Houston, TX

Spotify Top 5 of 2022

Taylor Swift


Snoah Aalegra

Atif Aslam

Leadership Expereience
2021 - 2022

  • MEMSSA Deputy Director for ASUC Senator Mehanz Grewal

  • Policy and Advocacy Intern at Muslim Public Affairs Council

  • 2022 Congressional Development Leadership Program Fellow


  • Research Associate for ASUC Senator Liam Will's Department of Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention (SVSHP)

  • Committee Member of ASUC Sexual VIolence Commission

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